Our story

Violet Love Designs was founded in 2016.


Currently operating in the Lower Puna district of Hawaii Island with our main base at,

 Pahoa, HI

The location provides us the advantage of ease of access to our natural products.


We grow most of what we use to make our leaf art, lei's, rope, dyes and fabrics on this property.


Violet founded the company by herself, and it was a struggle to maintain the business alone. Thankfully, Her mother, brothers have decided to support the growth of the business. This partnership developed after years of weaving side by side and sharing our different styles and techniques. Violet's older and younger brothers help with harvesting, husking and other aspects of processing the coconuts. 

The support system we have developed allows us to be independent practitioners with set prices, unique styles and competition that leads to beneficial innovation. Britta, Violet's Mother, has been weaving for over 30 years and specializes in the closed top hat and the calabash basket. Violet is a open top hat specialist, she learned the style from her mother and has since made it her own, fisherman like her hats because of the larger brim and forager style.

Weekly meetings enabled us to share our techniques, consult of our prices, and determine our delivery methods. 

Weaving together allows us to deepen our relationship with each other, our craft and maintain traction for our products. Through teamwork and collaboration, we have created a foundation for growth of our business and expanded our customer base. We have a food truck business on the Big Island and our store front "At Witt's End" in Lahaina, Maui. 

Our company is lead by the founders relentlessness to maintain and perpetuate the rich cultural history of Hawaii. 

Each designer is an independent artist that manages their own personal customer base via social media and partner storefronts. 


Durable long lasting Coconut Weaving's


Our main products are made from coconut leaves, which we source from wild trees and independent coconut climbers. The best selling item is the Papale, a hat woven with the leaves of the coconut tree. We have many styles of hats as each of our coconut weavers has developed their individual style.


Product List:


  • Papale (coconut leaf hat)

  • 'Umeke (large market basket)

  • Pola/calabash (small to large woven bowl)

  • Makana (hand held fan/massage tool)

  • Wall Hanging basket

  • Bread Basket

  • Holiday Wreaths for any celebration (birthday, funeral, easter, christmas)

  • Multi-fiber center pieces for any celebration

  • Lei Po'o (head leis)

  • Ti leaf lei's (designs vary

Coconut Shell bowls


Charcoal, coir and Mulch 

Sustainable Building's


Connections with industry vets like, David Sands, Founder of Bamboo Living, have allowed the creation of sustainable building designs. With his experience and expertise in the field of bamboo building we aim to develop some unique sustainable buildings and watch catchment technologies for use in the Hawaiian Islands.


Prototypes in development:


  • Two story thatched building (to be used as living space, a garage, studio space, etc)

  • Watch catchment Gazebo

  • Six year compost Toilet

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