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COCOnuts - NIU

The coconut is a source of food, oil, coconut water, coconut milk, and medicine. It has probably been used by humans for centuries. Today, it is a common visual of dreamy relaxation and increasingly, a symbol of health.

The leaves - Na LAU

The leaves of the coconut are amazing pieces of nature. They are extremely durable and can be woven the same day they are harvested.

weaving - 'ulana

Weaving is a traditional human pastime and found in most cultures around the world. The simple technique of plating is used to weave leaves together to create a wide variety of practical and playful items. 

The shell of the coconut is an amazingly strong and useful item. We mainly use them for making bowls for use in the kitchen. 

shell bowls - pola & apu

Meet The Team

Violet Lovelena Nu'upu'uwaiopele

The owner and manager of the company. Violet has been weaving since her youth and started making coconut bowls in 2016. She is our lead designer and handles all the logistics and document creation.

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Hillery Melvin Witt VI

Mel is an expert at coconut processing with the ability to husk one coconut in 15 seconds. He is one of our main coconut harvesters and huskers. He also excels at customer service and manages and runs our food truck.

Britta Jacobson

The matriarch of our family, our mother, Britta is a weaver, designer and backbone of our company. She has cultivated the foundation of our business and the ownership of our family properties. 

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